Rekord® Net Wrap is one of the most popular brand in the Novatex history, a product that today evolves to the newly Medium Mesh version, thank to the ME Technology.

It is designed for the South African hay and silage market, providing a strong, reliable net wrap in application and performance.

Rekord® is the choice for ‘all-round’ general purpose round bale hay or round bale silage, and has been a consistent performer also here in South Africa.

ME Technology

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Thicker & Stronger chains.

Novatex MM mesh is made of stronger  and thicker threads, ensuring higher strength and more ability to withstand repetitive handling.


Flexible geometry.

The reduced number of tension points (knots) aid natural movement of the weft, leaving it free to stretch in width.


Mesh with fewer knots.

Knots are the critical points of any thread. Novatex netwraps have half the number of knots compared to any other netwrap for balers.


Medium sized mesh.

MM is a performing solution that allow to produce netwraps made of 37 chains with reinforced and thicker threads.


Better cling on the crops.

As well as ML, the MM technology ensures optimal cling on the crops. Thanks to the wider angle of the weft, he MM netwraps hook up fast and easily.

  • 37 Chains Netwrap.

    The ultimate innovation from Novatex!

A New and Exclusive Solution

Novatex MM mesh is the sum of all the best features of a premium net wrap to retain, hold and protect forage until it’s needed, snag- free and easy to remove when ready to feed out the bale.

Better Net Feeding of the Balers

The chain threads are also thicker, thus improving the net feeding and net cutting phase on the round baler.

Better Cling on the Crops

While hooking up immediately, MM spreads better and guarantees improved tension. In this way, the greater the compression on the bale’s surface, the better the water resistance. MM is also much easier to remove from the bale when preparing the unifeed.

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