The perfect solution for heavy duties.

Designed to withstand the higher pressures applied in new HD balers, Supreme HD Bale Twine significantly lowers fodder conservation costs from ‘Paddock to Stock’.

Its superior strength maximizes bale weight and compression, making it the perfect choice for use in all HD balers and suitable for use on all hay or silage and straw crop types.

Big Balers Twine Technology

Agri Novatex, South Africa, Big Balers Twine Technology

Hold the knot.

Novatex BB Twines ensure flawless results with every kind of knotter.ts with every kind of knotter, when baling, and great functionality in all horticulture applications.


Perfectly Shaped Spools.

Novatex twine packs are checked to ensure correct shape, measurements to fit easily into the baler box and a perfectly round core.


UV Protected.

All Novatex BB Twine are tested for years in the harsh South African conditions in order to guarantee perfect functionality and longer product life span.



Big Baler Twines by Novatex are treated with a special fibrillation technique which gives particular softness and knot holding.

  • 420

    Average linear breaking strength: 420 kg

Full Range

Agri Novatex provides a full range of twines for baling both round bales and small square bales, all able to ensure superior strength and a long running length.

Uncompromised Quality

Decades of Novatex’s international experience in crop baling, even in the South African market, have allowed Agri Novatex to offer agricultural twines that are featured by a superior production quality. Specified for both contractor and farmer/end-user for use on all modern balers, with any crops types.

Colors Matter!

Some twine colours are preferred by operating requirements such as visibility in certain crop types, night baling or end users specifications.  In order to face the high level of UV, all colours from the Agri Novatex twine range are suitable for baling in South African conditions.

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