Triomphe® is a high strength, high-performance bale net designed for the South African straw, hay and silage market.

Its rugged construction provides extra strength for springy crops that would normally need extra wraps of conventional net to carry out the same job.

ML Technology

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Stronger chains.

ML chains are made with double thicker threads: this is the secret of the strongest netwrtap in the market!


Flexible geometry.

The reduced number of tension points (knots) aid natural movement of the weft, leaving it free to stretch in width.


Mesh with fewer knots. 

Knots are the critical points of any thread. Also Novatex ML netwraps have half the number of knots with respect to standard netwraps.


Large sized mesh.

Thanks to the flexibility of Novatex looms, ML is a solution that envisages a reduced number of chains, each of which is reinforced by double the number of threads.


Better cling on the crops.

The weft has a larger angle than conventional net wraps. For this reason ML hooks up incredibly faster.

  • 25 Chains Netwrap.

    This is the unbeatable number of the ML Technology by Novatex!

Designed for Heavy Duty

The ML chain is made of double threads, ensuring better resistance and more ability to withstand repetitive handling. The chain is also thicker, to improve feed through the press.

Perfectly Protected Bales

Let’s not forget that the route from the field to the barn is certainly not short. The resistance of the netwrap over time is essential to ensure that the bale remains intact and that storage in the barn is secure for all the months before consumption.

Increased Efficiency

ML hooks up more quickly to the compressed fodder and is tensioned immediately. Each centimetre of netwrap thus actively contributes to retaining the bale. The netwrap turns guarantee 100% action.

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